Clipsal CBus is a microprocessor-based, smart home automation system that can be used to control lighting and other electrical systems and products via remote control. It can also be interfaced to security systems, audio/visual products, HVAC, and many other third-party systems.

C-Bus can control and automate any kind of electrical load, from the on/off functionality of a lighting circuit to the analogue input of a dimmer switch. The information is held within individual units rather than one central point. This ensures optimum communications speed and reliability. Clipsal C-Bus is suitable for a wide range of applications.

There are a number of lighting products on the market and all have their own form of user interface. When it comes to keypads on the wall and ease of use, Clipsal lighting have one of the best in-wall keypads on the market in our opinion with their eDLT units.

We find that customers who are faced with a keypad contain a blank set of buttons are often confused or can’t remember which button does what (unless it is engraved). With Clipsal eDLT units all buttons are labelled via the incorporated LCD screen. This is easily changed via programming should the customer wish to re-program buttons to do different things. This is often the case when a property is sold and the new owner wishes to change what the keypads do.

This is an Australian product but sold in the UK through Schneider Electric and distributed via Schneiders main distributor network.