Loxone, our preferred product for automation solutions, has emerged as a leading company providing integration and control of product technologies. Through this integration Loxone offers a complete Smart Home solution packed full of features that no other control system, in our opinion, can match.

Loxone is versatile, adaptable, reliable and suited to both new builds and retrofit projects alike.

A Loxone system is simple to use from the homeowner’s perspective but behind the scenes a powerful Loxone Miniserver is constantly calculating, evaluating and making decisions to automate everyday tasks such as maintaining temperature levels on a room-by-room basis, automated lighting control setting light levels for any particular mood or time of day.

Loxone can be as simple or complex as required from single room systems for a little bit of automated lighting to whole house including but not limited to heating, hot water, security alarm, renewable heat sources, access control, multi-room music, automated blinds/curtains/windows – all of these are integrated to work together thus the benefits are far more powerful than disparate standalone systems.

Our customers have found that living in a Loxone Smart Home adds so much more convenience as well as added value to their property investment and can save them money in the long run.

As an example, we have added a Loxone system to manage and control a customer’s solar panel and battery storage system to maximise the use of the free energy being generated. This reduces their energy bills and helps the environment at the same time. This is because a Loxone system can make decisions in advance using the Loxone Weather Service to get localised weather forecasts anywhere on the planet. For this particular customer whose electricity supply varies in cost every half hour they can buy in electricity when it is cheap to charge up their battery storage then switch to battery storage supply when the grid supply is more expensive thus saving them money.


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