We can offer a wide range of individual access control solutions.

Due to the flexibility of our access control solutions, you can achieve almost anything. Children in bed? Switch from a doorbell ring to flashing lights to let you know that someone is at the door. Delivery coming whilst you’re out? Open the garage or front door from wherever you are via a mobile App. The possibilities are endless.







Secure access control via the Loxone App

With the Loxone app for your smartphone, tablet or PC you can easily & securely control the access, manage users, assign individual rights and see who is at your front door.


You can add users to your app at any time, with the ability to assign different permissions to each person. This allows you to be in complete control of who has access to your home, office etc.


You’ll be instantly notified when your doorbell rings. Then, if you wish, you can talk to whoever is at the door or send a text-to-speech message directly through the app. If you miss a visitor don’t worry a picture will be stored in the app so you can see who’s been at your door.


You can use the app to assign specific access rights. If a friend needs to pick something up while you’re out, simply give them a one-time code which will only work on that occasion. If the cleaner comes at 3 pm every Friday, assign them a time-based code.

Alpha Touch Smart Living ANPR Technology

ANPR or Automatic Number Plate Recognition is used to capture and recognise vehicle number plates. For businesses this is a useful tool when coupled with a barrier system only authorised vehicles are given access. With these two components linked granted security access is automatic.

ANPR is great but the cameras need to know what vehicle number plates are allowed through the barrier. For some businesses the authorised vehicles may change infrequently but for others a constant update is required where granted access times are short. The Alpha Touch ANPR system provides has a local management tool for adding and deleting vehicles registration numbers for one or more cameras simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Integration with third party booking systems
  • Integration with third-party barrier systems
  • Automatically granted access between dates
  • Built-in Traffic Management with direction priority
  • Local access to User Interface with a web browser for manual entry of vehicle plates

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